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Just for the Dads

Many dads start off being very skeptical about HypnoBirthing.  I understand that it may be something that initially you don’t altogether feel comfortable with, perhaps even feeling a little pressurized by your partner to attend?  Believe me, you are not the first and certainly won’t be the last!   However, I have found that fathers-to-be tend to really enjoy the sessions, particularly the opportunity to deeply relax, as well as gaining a real understanding of the birth process.  And, what you will learn really does make a difference to both you and your partner's experience. Would you like to learn how you can play an integral role in the birth of your baby?

So often, dads look on during the birth of their children, feeling like a spare part unable to help their partners during what, for many, can be a painful, traumatic experience.  HypnoBirthing gives you a central role in the birth of your child, helping to achieve a calm, relaxed birth and further strengthening the bond between you, mum and your baby.

In addition, the skills you learn during HypnoBirthing are transferable to every other aspect of your life, helping you to achieve relaxation, confidence and a more focused attitude at home, at work, and socially. 

Hypnosis techniques can be used for all kinds of conditions and situations; interviews; driving test nerves; improved sports performance; weight management; fear of flying and other phobias; anger management; habit control; in fact just about every anxiety based condition there is.

“ I couldn't have done so well with out him, the birthing partner has a huge role to play.”

                                                                                                   - Mel, hypnobirthing mum

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