Stella Hunt- Feb 2011

Hi Diana,


Thought we should drop a line to let you all know that we gave birth to a gorgeous little girl, miss Stella on February 9th at 3.32am. She's a little thing weighing 3.040kg at birth but has since gained around 500 grams! She's very cute with daddy's dimples! 

We had a wonderful (thou long) labour and used all hypnobirthing tracks and prompts throughout our birth. Daniel was an amazing birth companion, he reminded me to relax my jaw between surges and release all tension, breathed with me during the more intense surges as well continually providing affirmations and prompts to keep me focused, and never left my side! 

After 52 hours in the birthing centre we finally gave birth on Wednesday morning...only approx 20 hours of active labour. We had brilliant midwives who were compassionate and patient, and thanks to the expertise of the final midwife, and i think the preparation with perineal massage I experienced no tearing and recovered very quickly!

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