Sebi Pizatta-  November 2011


Hi Diana,

Hope things are all well with you and your family. Just a quick note to let you know that Sebastiano Domenico Pizzata (i just call him Sebi, its a bit of a mouthful) was delivered on 24th nov 2011 (2 weeks early). I would just like to thank you so much for giving Sal and i the tools to deliver sebi in a natural way and i cant believe the hypnobirthing technique really worked! So when you've got a minute, i would like to share my hypnobirthing experience with you.

Since we sold the lunch bar i had a FULL list of 'things to do' (stuff regarding the sale of business, Sebi's room and things to buy, house cleaning etc), wed night came along (23rd nov), i had finally completed the list and we were watching tv. I said to Sebi okay, we are ready for you to come out now. I was feeling like i had had enough with all the extra weight (although i had done a personal training session that morning!). Anyway, it was about 10 o clock and we went to bed. I woke up at 1.30am with surges but i thought it was just the braxton hicks again so i put my rainbow relaxation on my ipod and listened to that for about an hour. The surges were getting stronger and more frequently so i got up and went to the toilet where i noticed blood. I knew at this point that it was the real thing. So, i went back to our bedroom turned the light on and started packing (the only thing i hadn't done) to a startled sal who said what are you doing? I told him i thought i was in labour and he got all excited. He was such a great birth partner, reminding me how to breathe and massaging my back through the surges. 

I had a shower, made some toast and realised that the surges were like 2 minutes apart and by this time it was like 4.30am (i don’t know where the 3 hrs went). So off we set to SJOG hospital. I listened to my ipod the whole time and i think the drive really got me in the zone. By the time we got to the 


hospital it was nearly 5am and i was assessed, i was 

already 6cm dilated! I was so in my zone and going within my birthing body that i forgot to ask for the family birthing suite, however this didnt bother me as i was giving birth naturally and i felt really empowered and in control. By 7am i felt the need to 'push' and i was again assessed and i was fully dilated so i got the all clear to start pushing. I initially started the j breathing but i felt like it didnt have enough oumpf in the breath so i did end up pushing. By 7.20am little Sebi was born, 6 pound 12 (3.08kg) and 48cm long. My waters never actually broke! the membrane never ruptured and the waters came out in a sac. I felt this big bulge between my legs (i gave birth standing/squatting with my hands/arms on the end of the hospital bed) and then on the next push it just landed on the towel, that was on the floor. and it still didnt break! It felt like and looked like a clear water balloon... it means the babys head was protected all the way, as its like a cushion in front of him.  So i thought that was interesting to note :)  


We were so overjoyed, i couldn’t believe we had done it and followed the hypnobirthing method despite everyone telling me that i was crazy for not opting to be medicated. I cant believe i didn’t even ask for gas! maybe i would have liked to try that haha. Sal was disappointed i didn’’t ask for the gas but he figured out the on switch after i gave birth and the midwife and ob had left us with our precious bundle of joy... trust Sal :) I was the talk of the ward at SJOG and the doctor was equally impressed they said it is very rare for someone to give birth without any medication at all, so again i would like to thank you for presenting the hypnobirthing method to us. My friends and family are all amazed andi think i may have some referrals for you :)

I have attached a couple of photos for you. He has a lot of Sal’s strong features but my coloring. Thanks again and take care.

Love Nat, Sal and Sebi Pizzata

© Diana Fischer 2017