Sabian Joel -Feb 2011


Hi Diana,

I've been meaning to email you about how the birth and labour went... so thanks for reminding me.

I managed to follow through with the hypnobirthing techniques, listening to the meditations pretty much every day which I found really helpful with reminding me to relax and breathe correctly.

I had a long labour of 28 hours (which is nothing compared to my last labour of four days!) and used the techniques all the way through. I had the meditations on my ipod and when things really became very intense after 26 hours I just zoned out totally listening to the meditations, so much so that it looked as though everything had slowed down, as my contractions seemed far less intense and far apart. I feel that this was because I became so relaxed... my body gave me a rest...


At that point I became slightly disheartened thinking it was going to be another day or so like last time... even my midwife (Pete) curled up to get some sleep. This turned out not to be so as a few minutes later my waters broke and I was able to birth our beautiful baby Sabian in the birthing pool 45 minutes later without any intervention or pain medication (during the whole labour and birth). Born naturally at 12.35am on 13 of February 2011.


The experience was so empowering and I was able to take Sabian and pull him out of the water onto my chest myself. I felt totally in control during his birth, even though he was quite large 8 pounds 15 ounzes and 55 cm long. I just remembered the hypnobirthing and followed the guidance of my body telling me what to do. He was born, happy, healthy and so was I!

Unfortunately, Samantha who was at the hypnobirthing class with Byron and I arrived 5 minutes after he was born, as she was my backup midwife (who I was hoping to have there the whole time, but this did not work out), Sabian arrived very quickly after my waters had broke. 

So even without her helping me with the hypnobirthing I was able to use the techniques myself and get through quite a long and arduous labour, which kept me confident and calm the whole way through.


I recommend hypnobirthing to anyone who wants to have a conscious, calm, intervention free birth.

Thanks so much Diana for offering the classes, it was a great help to all of us involved with the birth

© Diana Fischer 2017