Lucas Pattullo- July 2010


Just two weeks after we finished the hypno-birthing course my waters broke at 4 a.m. in the middle of a thunderstorm. It was three weeks before my due date and after being told by all my friends that “first babies are always late” we were very surprised! We called the hospital and were told to come in. I was only about 1 cm dilated and the surges were not strong so the doctor suggested starting the Syntocinon drip to “speed things up” we declined, wanting to let the baby come in his own time. We spent that Friday practicing our relaxation techniques, breathing through the surges and visualising the birth. The midwives all commented on how relaxed we both were.

Early Friday evening the doctor returned and gave us the somewhat disappointing news that I was only 1 – 2 cm, he said if the baby had not arrived by the morning we would need to have the drip. We got some sleep that night, although the surges were quite regular and getting stronger. Saturday morning still no baby so the Syntocinon drip was commenced. The surges were now stronger and faster so we really started to use the hypno-birthing techniques. The relaxation scripts were great and I felt so focused on staying in a relaxed state. The breathing techniques for the surges were brilliant and my delivery room was filled with imaginary silver balloons that I was blowing up and across the room with each surge! The staff were monitoring the baby’s heart rate and were surprised at how steady and strong it was – I’m sure because I was so relaxed, so was he. 

Saturday evening the doctor returned, I was only 2 cm after 38 hours and he turned off the drip and said we needed to have a caesarian. They got me all ready and Brett was in scrubs ready to go. The on-call surgical team was standing outside our door waiting for us when the doctor returned and glanced at the monitor that was recording my surges. He pointed out that I was having good, strong, regular surges without the drip, in fact they were better naturally than they had been with the synthetic hormone running. He sat on the edge of the bed and explained that he could go ahead with the caesarian – he would be home in time for dinner and we would have a baby in our arms in half an hour – but he had read our birth plan stating we wanted a natural labour with as little medical intervention as possible, and felt that he needed to tell us we had a chance of a natural labour if we were willing to keep trying, he said we might still have to have an emergency caesarian in the middle of the night or in another 24 hours time. Although very tired and very ready to meet our baby, we knew that if we didn’t try we would always wonder “what if?” 


Sunday morning I had only advanced to 3cm. The drip was restarted and we kept doing our breathing and relaxations. I had an epidural at this stage, the midwives suggested it may help to relax the cervix and the surges on the drip were running two or three together with no break in between. The midwives were all amazed at how calm and quiet we were staying and all asked about hypno-birthing and asked to have a look at the workbook. The baby’s heart rate remained strong and steady the entire time, I know this was because I didn’t allow any feelings of panic or stress in.  At lunchtime I had only got to 5 cm, the baby was posterior and not moving down in my pelvis. The midwives called the doctor and were indicating that we would probably have to have a caesarian. The doctor took about an hour and a half to arrive and when he did I had gone all the way to 9cm. I had been feeling tired but got a big rush of energy when he told us that! Only a couple of minutes later I reached 10cm and it was time to push. Quietly and calmly, with no yelling, no pain and no tearing our baby boy entered the world at 3.23pm on July 11th, 2010.


Lucas Vincent Pattullo was 2.9kg and absolutely perfect! People look at us in horror when we say it took 59 and a half hours for him to arrive but I have to correct them and tell them that I would not change a thing. It was a wonderful experience, I felt so strong and empowered, and got the birth I was hoping for, although it took a lot longer than I expected! Lucas is a very relaxed, happy baby and I’m sure I have hypno-birthing to thank for that, and for helping us to have such a positive, amazing birth!

© Diana Fischer 2017