Lily Grace- August 2008

Photo 117


I now look back and ask myself why did I worry for so long about giving birth? It was the most empowering day of my life! I felt I was in control all the way through my labour. It felt so amazing and was a really enjoyable experience. Hypnobirthing help me to focus and stay focussed throughout the surges I was experiencing. During the surge I was imaging the pelvis opening and my baby moving down. 


After 5 hours I met my gorgeous baby, Lily-Grace. I did the whole thing without drugs or intervention as I felt I really didn’t need anything. The lovely gentle birth I’m sure is the reason why Lily is so at ease and relaxed.

If for any reason now I doubt myself I always think of that day and how amazing I did and it helps me regain my confidence.

Thank You Hypnobirthing!


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