Khloe Holt- March 2011

Hello Diana. Our little girl arrived on the 10th of march, 17 days over due so we were so pleased when she finally decided to come out I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever. 

I had an amazing birth, it didn't exactly go as I planned it would but it all turned out great. I was on the community midwifery program and had planned a home water birth, because I was so overdue to stay on the program and birth at home I needed support from the obstetrician at my back up hospital so I was getting monitored daily at the hospital to make sure bubs was happy and healthy, and she was. However the obstetrician was not supportive of my decision to have a home birth and not be induced but he agreed it was my choice. So on the 10th of March at 7:00am I started having light contractions.  I wasn't sure if it was the start of labour or another false alarm (I'd been having many false alarms for about 2 weeks) so I didn't get my hopes up. My midwife came over and did a stretch and sweep and everything still stayed the same.  I was having light surges five minutes apart a few hours later I went to the hospital for monitoring and an appointment with the obstetrician to talk about being induced that night coz I didn't want to push the boundaries to far with going overdue because of the risks of the placenta failing, I was listening to the affirmation CD a lot while we were waiting and I was doing the correct breathing during and in between surges, the obstetrician said come back to the hospital at 6pm and they will start the induction. It was now 3pm and my surges were still light and 5 mins apart so be did an internal and found that my cervix was still long and not ready for labour so we went home and the surges started to pick up a little in intensity so I had a warm bath and tried to relax.  

At about 5pm we started making our way to the hospital and when I got there I told the midwives that I'd had an internal a couple of hour ago and was told I wasn't in labour but I know that I definitely am in labour ( I don't think they believed me because I was so calm and not in much pain) so they put me in a birth suit and I waited for a midwife to access me, by the time she arrived it was only a couple of minutes later and my water broke and before she could even take my blood pressure I was pushing and about 2 or 3 minutes later she was out! I had no idea I was even in established labour but I was fully dilated when I got to the hospital. It was amazing and it still blows me away to know that despite all that went on during the day I was able to have a successful comfortable easy hypnobirth Even though it wasn't at home and things took a different path. We had a little girl Khloe Rose Bonnie Holt, 8 pounds 6 ounces. The thing that helped me the most was definitely the breathing, in for 5 out for 8 and during a surge I filled my tummy with as much air as I could and I believe that's what kept the pain at bay. 

Thank you so much Diana for teaching me the skills I needed to have a wonderful birth, I am no longer afraid to have a third child and try for a boy next time. I look forward to hearing all the other birth stories and catching up in April  take care bye for now love, Bonnie 

© Diana Fischer 2017