Jack Fischer- June 2011


I woke up early at 6am on the 4th June, I had a popping sensation and felt as if my waters had broken.  The day had finally arrived.  After being totally convinced that Jack was going to arrive at least 2 weeks early, the wait had seemed like forever and it looked as though he was coming on his due date.  I was absolutely huge and I knew that I must have a big baby in there!

I woke up Marc, my husband who was out of bed as though a gun shot had gone off!  For weeks we had been practicing our hypnobirthing scripts and I felt pretty calm and relaxed although so excited.

The surges were coming very regularly and I was able to relax and listen to my hypnosis and affirmation CDs.  We had chosen to give birth at home, planning on a water birth.  The pool was blown up and ready to go in Jacks nursery.  I had positive affirmation cards stuck up on the wall and lovely birth messages from friends and family from around the world.

I was feeling pretty organised and pleased with my preparation.  Marc and I decided to wait for a few hours before calling our midwife, Vanessa and our Doula, Anna.  Hours went by and I drifted deeper into my hazy labour state of being.  When Vanessa arrived she had a feel of my belly and I saw her face drop. She looked at me and said.  “Hmm, I can feel his limbs at the front..”  I knew then I was in for a long labour as this was a posterior presentation.  I was feeling the pressure of the surges in my back.  They were uncomfortable but manageable with lots of massage through the surges.  

At some point Anna arrived and I had my full birthing team around me.  I felt really safe and supported as I had one person massaging my back, another feeding me toast and sips of juice and Vanessa, checking Jacks heart rate and my blood pressure every now and then.

The surges became more intense and closer together and I was aware of talk of ‘getting the pool ready’ which made me very excited as I knew I must be close to giving birth.  Getting into the pool was like heaven.  I wasn’t in pain but felt very intense pressure in my back and the water was so soothing I didn’t want to get out!

Time went by and Anna suggested I put a hand down to see if I could feel the top of the baby’s head.  I did, and felt nothing...not even close! I started to think to myself.. “I don’t think I’m as close as everyone thinks I am!”

Vanessa suggested I get out of the pool for bit.  I wanted to stay, it was warm and comfortable in there and the house was cold.   (We actually tripped the power in the house from boiling the kettle so much for the pool!)

I continued to labour in the lounge hanging over the sofa. As 12 hours had passed since my first surge, Vanessa asked if she could examine me. I agreed and she found my cervix to be about 8cm dilated.  She also looked very surprised to feel my waters still in tact and causing a huge amount of pressure.  This explained why the baby had not descended, what I thought were my waters breaking earlier in the morning was actually just the fore waters.  

I was given the choice whether to have my waters broken or to continue labouring as I was and letting it break naturally. I chose to wait and felt the urge to start bearing down.  The next thing I knew, the waters broke with such force and I felt enormous relief when this happened, as the pressure seemed far less intense. 

I was getting really tired, it had been 20 hours since my first surge and I felt I needed some help.  Anna read me some hypnobirthing scripts whilst giving me light touch massage.  This was amazing I felt myself drifting to my ‘special place’ in my mind and let my whole body relax with the light touch massage.  Looking back, I realise that my body needed the rest before transition. 

My back up midwife, Melissa had arrived and I remember sensing that they were growing concerned about me.  I was so tired!  Little Jack was absolutely fine throughout with his heart rate strong and steady.

After an amazing uplifting talk from Anna, my doula when I was beginning to doubt myself and my ability to birth this baby, I mustered up my second wind and before I knew what was happening I was pushing my son into the world.  Vanessa told me to reach down half way through and feel the top of his head.  At this moment, when I felt his soft wet hair and tiny head I was filled with emotion so overwhelming I cannot even begin to describe.  My body was flooded with endorphins and I was so euphoric that even after a long and tiring labour with the baby facing the wrong way, I was enjoying every minute.  I remember just crying with joy and shouting  “Oh my god it’s my baby!  It’s my baby!”  I felt no pain whatsoever, just pure joy.

Jack was born in his own room at 8am on the 5th of June weighing a whopping 4.02KGs!  He was put on my chest straight away wide-eyed and alert and we lay together for half an hour whilst waiting for the cord to finish pulsing.  He had his first feed after this and we enjoyed the special moments as a family tucked up in bed. 

I will never forget this day as it has really changed my whole life.  I felt an intense high that lasted 3-4 days and I would not change a thing about the experience.   

I contribute my wonderful labour to firstly having good mental preparation that hypnobirthing provides, and secondly, an excellent supportive birthing team who believed in me and the natural process of birth, my wonderful husband, doula and midwife who’s encouragement and was amazing.

© Diana Fischer 2017