Harry Ward- December 2009


Hi Diana!  Well we joked about it but I didn't think our little boy Harry Tyler Ward would actually arrive on Christmas Day...

I saw the midwife on 23rd December (40 weeks + 6) concerned that nothing was happening and was very relieved to hear I was 1cm dilated. This put me in a good mood that things might actually get moving before induction became necessary.


On Christmas Eve around lunchtime I noticed I had a pinkinsh discharge which made me quite excited as I thought this might be a sign our little boy was on his way in the next few days. I checked in one of my many baby books and decided this was a 'bloody show'. This continued through the afternoon as did what I thought were Braxton Hicks. I had a good walk along the pebbly beach and did some yoga whilst listening to my hypnobirthing cd. My husband Matt prepared dinner which I then munched with my usual vigor.

We sat down to watch some TV before turning in for the night, not forgetting to put the pressies under the Christmas tree and mince pie for Santa. I was still getting 'Braxton Hicks' although they did feel a little more regular. They weren't painful, just tight. I checked the clock and decided they were just under 10 minutes apart. I then found that I had to keep rushing to the loo and around 9pm rather a lot more water gushed into the toilet and I finally admitted to myself that my waters must have broken.

I called delivery suite and calmly went through their form and questions. The midwife told me I could still be a day or so away from giving birth and to take it easy. So Matt and I continued to chill out and around 11.30pm decided to get some sleep. However, things suddenly intensified as I was about to get into bed and I felt slightly crampy more regularly. I asked Matt to time the surges and to my surprise we made it around 3 1/2 - 4 minutes between them. I was also feeling rather shaky so told Matt to call delivery suite again and let them know how I was doing. They told us to come in so we slowly got our bags together and went on our way expecting to be sent home again. I concentrated on my visualisations and breathing.


Things moved on during the journey and I had to stop twice to breathe between the hospital entrance and delivery suite reception. We were greeted by nurses in Christmas teeny boppers which was sweet and a little bizarre! The midwife checked me when I was between contractions and I heard the words 'Congratulations! You're 7 cm! Well done!' I couldn't believe it and I think this made things speed up even more.

It was so quiet on delivery suite, we were able to go straight to the birthing pool (although I did have to stop and drop onto all fours in the corridor to breathe away the red balloon!!)

The pool was great and I was able to move around and breathe through each surge comfortably. Matt was amazing, holding my hand and lightly massaging my back. The midwife, Myrna, was fabulous too just letting us get on with it and only leaning in to monitor baby's heart rate every now and then.

Around 4.30am I was ready to push. My legs were a bit shaky and each surge was quite overwhelming but I didn't feel pain. Whilst the hypnobirthing course had said that the baby should be breathed out not 'pushed' out, but to be honest I found I needed more than just the J breath.  I was offered gas and air but refused as I felt pretty out of it anyway!

Everything had been brilliant so far but I was having trouble getting Harry around my J bend despite trying different positions in the water. At 5.30am, Myrnah suggested I get out of the water as Harry's heart rate was slowing a little. I squatted on dry land - which was definitely more intense than in the water - but still no Harry.  His heart rate was still dropping so much to my disappointment I had to get on the bed and be monitored

After a couple more pushes, Myrnah said she thought I needed an episiotomy but I asked for one more go. She and the other midwife pushed on my legs but there was just not enough room to get the head out. Matt and I decided quickly that an episiotomy was the best option - I certainly didn't want the registrar or forceps involved - so I had a local anesthetic (totally painless) and with next push out came Harry's head! One contraction later at 6.20am he was all out, lying on my chest and looking for my boob between yells! It was so amazing to hold him and also such a relief he was out after what seemed a lot of effort. Looking back. I'd have had the episiotomy an hour earlier! For the record, the stitches weren't so bad - I talked nonsense throughout the procedure - and they healed really quickly.

Harry is the best Christmas present we could ever have and I know he arrived happy into this world thanks to hypnobirthing. Breathing and focusing took me places I never thought I could go!

Love Jeni, Matt & Harry xxx

© Diana Fischer 2017