Freya Lilly- November 2009


My wonderful Hypno-water-Home Birth

When discovering I was pregnant for a second time, I was very keen to learn techniques to help me achieve a beautiful homebirth, as I was bitterly disappointed to find myself in hospital after attempting 24hrs of labour at home for the birth of my 1st daughter.

I had hoped for a home birth for my 1st child after being inspired by my mother-in- law and her stories of birthing at home.  I also dearly wanted to escape any unnecessary medical intervention as the words forceps, epidural and caesarean sent shivers down my spine as I am a big wimp when it comes to anything to do with hospitals.  After 24hrs of labouring at home I gave up and requested hospital admittance as I was exhausted, felt out of control and totally overwhelmed by what was happening to me.


My daughter was born an hour after hospital admittance, drug free.   However as I forcefully pushed her out without using the contractions to help as I wanted the ordeal over with as quickly as possible, I tore very badly below. I then had to endure a humiliating experience, whilst as high as kite on gas and air waiting for a consultant to arrive and subsequently stitch me up which took over and 1 ½ hrs as he was busy with other patients.  I feel, I therefore missed out on those initial precious moments.  Also, my daughter had been born so quickly due to my panicked pushing she’d swallowed too much mucus and was therefore did not breathe when first born, so was whisked straight away in those 1st few seconds to help clear her airways and it took what seemed like an eternity to hear that reassuring 1st cry.

When my husband was sent home an hour later (as this had all taken place in the early hours of the morning) I was mortified.  I was stuck on a hospital ward by myself, with a baby in a clear plastic cot staring at me and I had no idea how to even pick her up, let alone comfort her, it really wasn’t how I’d planned my start to parenthood.  I’d envisioned my husband and mum alongside me, in the comfort of my home, providing the loving support and reassurance that the hospital simply didn’t.

So, despite my first experience of child birth being mostly positive (it certainly wasn’t on the same scale as some of the horror stories I’d heard) I felt determined that this time round I was going to find a way to achieve my dream birthing experience in the comfort of my own home.  It was then that I discovered HypnoBirthing and was enthusiastic and convinced by the logic from the start of our classes

Aaron and I tried every trick in the book to get things going (Sex, Major hot curry, DIY reflexology from youtube etc) and low and behold at 1am that night, I woke up with a tummy rumble that felt like it could just be the hot curry playing havoc internally.  After two more quite intense tightenings, I awoke Aaron who tried to go back to bed again thinking that nothing would happen for a while.  However, instinctively I knew that this baby was in a hurry to come, so after about an hour and half of listening to the Rainbow Relaxation in my bed coping marvellously with the sensations, we called my other birthing companion out who raced over in taxi and arrived at 3am.  By 3.30am, Kerri thought we should call out the midwife as my surges were beginning to pretty much come continuously.  I was quite oblivious and so deep in my “zone”, I was surprised when the midwife arrived and introduced herself.

She asked permission to examine me just to determine how far away baby was, which I was happy to let happen although I didn’t want to know the response (I afterwards found out I was 4cm at this point) and soon after I found myself in my water pool in my kitchen which relaxed me even deeper.

My surges were pretty intense from this point onwards, Aaron and Kerri did an amazing job reminding me of the affirmations that were all around us which helped me to remain focussed.  I must admit though that during this period there were times when I came out from my trance and felt pain but when I was able to go back within using the breathing techniques the surges were reduced to discomfort.


I’ll never forget the most beautiful moment when we looked into each other’s eyes, so glad to be meeting each other at last and continued to bond skin to skin.

I was in shock for a while afterwards, as I seriously couldn’t believe that it had all happened so quickly and smoothly.  Our wonderful daughter Freya Lilly was finally with us.  My birth took just 5 ½ hours, 2 ½ hours of established labour but it only felt like half that time.  I was amazed to discover it was morning!

I totally credit HypnoBirthing with such a beautiful experience of which I felt in control of 90% of the time.  It certainly wasn’t the silent affair seen on a lot of birth videos but it was our special unique birth that we’d been dreaming of.  I was chuffed also as there was absolutely no damage down below which was one of my biggest fears especially as she was a fairly big girl at 8lb 12oz.

One of the best bits about birthing at home was being in my own bed moments after, breast feeding, eating Coca Pops and drinking tea followed by Champagne with just my husband, Kerri and Freya.

Freya is the most chilled baby possible.  She’s an absolute dream.  She settled in her Moses basket from night 2 without ANY fuss, and has done so from that night on.  Aaron and I couldn’t believe that we were getting at least 7hrs sleep a night!  She’s also slept through the night from 7 weeks and now at 13 weeks, regularly sleeps for 12 hours at night.  We are blessed!

Thank you so much Di, for teaching us so well and being a great source of support when I had moments of doubt.  We’ve had such a super positive experience.  HypnoBirthing defiantly rocks and has changed my thinking and life so much that I’m now training to become a HypnoBirthing practitioner!

© Diana Fischer 2017