Ethan  September 2009


Well we welcome to the world baby Ethan Joshua born on 14.09.09!

We had a wonderful natural home birth in a water birthing pool with music and candles, the 1st stage labour was very long...In fact we made a weekend of it as my surges star

ted on Friday at 8:30pm and Ethan arrived on Monday morning at 7:49am 14th September.  However I was never in any pain, I breathed and relaxed all the way through it and had the birth I wanted; which was well away for hospital and free from drugs. I even baked the baby a birthday cake while in labour stopping every 5 minutes to visualise ribbons, balloons and opening flowers!

 Apart from taking 2 Morrison’s own paracetamol tablets and using level 3 on my tens machine (which went to level 15 if needed) I birthed naturally. Steve and I had practised doing the relaxation with the arm drop a few times before the birth which helped because a couple of hours before my waters broke naturally I had my transition and started to lose the energy to tell myself to relax, plus I was very tired. Then Steve got out the fear release script and sent me off to the beach to chill out...I couldn't have done so well with out him, because he was insistent to the midwifes that we stay at home even when they were recommending that we go to hospital to be on the safe side, proving the birthing partner has a huge role to play. When the waters broke and the pushing surges came, I oddly found those easier to deal with as I had something to do at last. 

Ethan was 8lb 8oz and because I was so relaxed and the process was slow I did not need stitches. The midwifes wanted us to go to hospital as they felt my labour was weak and that i was not progressing because i was so chilled out; that was 5 mins before i told them that I could feel the head crowning so in order to be able to stay in at home in my pool I had to make more noise and moan a bit for them to feel I was able to do this unaided!! I'm so pleased I studied Hypnobirthing because we now have a very calm relaxed baby who latched on to the breast within 40min's of delivery. What an amazing experience. I want to stand on a mountain and roar with pride at what my baby and I were able to achieve! I love being a mother and will be recommending hypnobirthing to everyone.

 So feel free to give my details to other 1st time mothers who maybe worried about birth and labour, it was hard work but not painful and totally rewarding in every way.

Thank you for all you support in making our birth experience so amazing if you would like to talk about our birth more please call anytime.

Love Mel, Steve and baby Ethan xx

© Diana Fischer 2017