Ben Fischer- Oct 2013


Hi all I am so sorry it has taken so long to share this news but you all know how busy and crazy those early days are.  Ben is now 2 weeks old and is currently sleeping on my chest whilst I type this one handed! 

Ben Joseph Fischer arrived at 1.30am on 5th October. He was born at home in the birth pool very smoothly, even though he was a whopping 4.12kg and 54cm long! No wonder I wanted to birth so badly in that last week, I literally had no space left and I didn't think it was humanly possible for my skin to stretch much more on my belly :)


Labour began in a freaky kind of way. Instinctively I knew Ben was ready and I was more than ready but my husband Marc was frantically finishing off his uni assignments before the due date! After a particularly hard emotional day I found myself sobbing in his arms.. I can't do this anymore !  I can't be pregnant anymore and keep running or should I say waddling around after our highly energetic toddler!!  Marc put his hands on my belly and said, it's okay Ben , you can come out now daddy has finished all his work off.  There was a big kick and surges started straight away!  I'm not making this up!! 


I couldn't believe how perfect the timing was as we were just in the process of putting his big brother to sleep for the night.  I had had a week of 'false' labour so I was second guessing that this was the real thing but the surges got quite strong and they were about 4 minutes apart. I was able to eat dinner (a very nutritious chicken soup that I had been slow cooking all day so a part I me must have known that I would be needing this for labour that night!) after dinner i went into my birthing room and lit the  candles and put my music on. I called my doula and midwife and let then know what was happening..  I felt a bit nervous so asked my doula Helena to come straight away. The surges got even stronger so I lay on the bed and did my depthometer relaxation until Helena arrived. She was brilliant. Massaging my back gently and talking me through a relaxation and visualisation of the cervix opening up.

 As labour advanced I told Marc to start filling the pool, I knew it wasn't going to be a long labour and I just had a sense that my cervix had already opened to about 6 cm.  Helena called my midwife as she had about an hours drive to get to my house and I was so happy as. Knew I would be birthing soon.  When I got in the water everything became easier. I remember drinking 5 juice boxed of coconut water and having little chats and jokes with my little birthing team in between surges. The atmosphere in the room was light hearted and very relaxed. I had no fear at all and was nicely high on endorphins!  The hardest part came when I started bearing down to break my waters. Bi felt such intense pressure that the relief when the water eventually broke was amazing.  This was the only time I yelled out  f@$"!!!! After that I felt a bit nauseous and starting hiccuping .  My conscious brain kicked in and I remember thinking, ooh this must be transition! I will be pushing soon!! Sure enough, instincts told me to change positions and start bearing down.  I was breathing deeply doing birth breathing and was very conscious of doing this bit slowly.  I had some fear come up as I felt his head coming down  and remember saying , in scared I don't want to tear! My midwife assured me this wasn't going to happen cos I was listening to my body so that relaxed me as I concentrated on the last little bit! I breathed out his head very slowly and his body come out with the next surge. He literally swam out into the water and my midwife received him straight onto my chest, it was the most perfect beautiful birth, I couldn't have asked for anything better.  Everybody hugged and cried as we watched Ben staring back at us blinking away taking it all in.  He fed straight away for hours!!


By the time we had emptied the pool and had something to eat . Jack, our toddler was waking up to meet his new baby brother ;) 

This was the most wonderful experience of my life and has strengthened my belief in natural birth and the power of the mind and body. I had no intervention, no vaginal examinations and nobody told me what to do. Apart from checking bens heart rate with the doppler, which remained steady throughout.  Everything was instinctive and my body told me exactly what to do and what position to get myself into.  All in all an emotional very empowering experience and I have my birth team to thank for it. My midwife is the calmest person I know, my doula had absolute belief that this birth would be easy and enjoyable for everyone and my husband who lovingly poured water over my back continuously in the pool. 


Helena captured these pictures which tell the story in there own way:)

© Diana Fischer 2017