Baby Kaleb- January 2012


On the 5th jan I went to my dr at 37 weeks,she said she thought it best to induce me as it looked as though baby wasn't putting on weight on his stomach .so Friday 6th jan I was induced! this is something I didn't want as I knew the contractions would be more intense etc but I didn't have much choice.i did however ask her to just break my waters first and not put me on the drip straight away as I wanted to see if my body would go into natural labour-that was at lunch time I had no surges so the syntocin drip was started,and the surges started pretty much straight away with 2min intervals,hypnobirthing cd's and affirmations worked for the first 4 hours,by 6pm I was seriously considering an epidural-luckily Christopher remained level headed and  I didn't end up having one. It was an hour later after 4 really good pushes that baby Caleb Samuel Cunningham was born. 

We spent a few days in hospital as he had jaundice and the paediatrician wanted to see him put on weight before we left as he was 2.73 at birth.

We are home now and settling in-getting into the swing of breast feeding etc. he is doing so well and is literally growing before our eyes he is now 3.6kgs!

Attached is a photo of our little man!

Thanks for all your help and encouragement during the course,I didn't go into natural labour like I planned but Caleb is healthy and safe and we are so blessed to have him!

© Diana Fischer 2017