Baby Joss- January 2013


Hi Diana, 

How are you? I hope you had a nice Christmas and start to the new year.   Tom and I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful little girl, Joss Willow arrived on January 18. We had a perfect water birth at home. I was in pre-labour for about 12 hours and active labour for about 4 and a half. We found the hypnobirthing training we had done to be so helpful. Tom read me a relaxation in the hour before I went in to active labour and I had two twenty minute sleeps between surges to fortify me for the hours ahead. The second stage was not quiet like the births we watched, although I still think it was perfect as I was very deep within myself and just letting my body do what it needed to do. I did push rather than breathe Joss out, and I didn't really feel that I could voluntarily change that. She came after about 45 minutes of strong surges and pushing. Joss was born in her membranes, which we are told is rare and lucky. She came up out of the water with her eyes wide open and breathed her first breaths completely calmly. She is super healthy and doing all the right baby things, and we are just so thrilled with her. 


Thank you so much for the beautiful energy you contributed to our birth experience. We feel that using hypnobirthing made Joss's birth day easier, faster and much more enjoyable. 

Warm wishes, 

Tom, Gosia and Joss.  

© Diana Fischer 2017