Baby Blayke- April 2014

My beautiful baby girl Blayke was born through a natural birth on April 16th at 7.10pm weighing in at 4.02kg and 54cm. I simply just looked at this perfect little being and couldn’t believe she had been growing in me for 9 months!

Blayke was 6 days late and I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to be induced despite Obstetricians pushy nature and I knew she would arrive when she was ready and that patience was the game to play as motherhood would teach me anyway!

Labor for us began calmly about 11pm at night. I had been very restless that evening, bouncing on my Pilates ball and doing my usual exercises trying to turn Blayke who was posterior at the last check I had. My partner Ty had decided to sleep downstairs in our spare room as I was tossing and turning so much and at 11pm I went down and said I think things are starting. I put my calming birthing music on and with Ty completed my breathing/ red balloon techniques during each surge, which at this stage were fluctuating 6-7mins apart and in between I was resting and trying to follow my Doula’s advice of sleeping and resting as much as possible in the beginning. Time just flew and I very much felt calm and in control. By 6am I was slightly nervous and wanted to have our Doula Moran come to the house as well as Diana my best friend here in Perth as she has a calming influence on me and had completed my hypnobirthing course with Ty and I.

To give some background, I was the women when I initially fell pregnant who wanted all the drugs, the best hospital and obstetrician and wanted my pregnancy to be in the control of the doctors. It was only through knowledge and learning through my pregnancy journey that I became empowered to understand and feel that I am the one in control of this labor and getting my baby out is ultimately my responsibility and that  I was strong and able to naturally able to do this. As I completed my hypnobirthing course and became stronger in my views of what I did and didn’t want for my labor I gained the most valuable asset that I could have had along with Ty in my labor and that was my doula Moran. Between her and Diana, my confidence in my ability and what I wanted just kept growing stronger so at the 37th week I decided to have a home water birth and was lucky enough to find 2 private midwifes who shared and agreed to my birth plan.

Moran arrived and as my surges got stronger did some pressure point massages which really helped during the surges. Diana arrived shortly afterwards and at this point in labor after 8/9 hours I felt great – laughing, drinking tea and high on endorphins almost feeling in a “zen like state” which I can still remember and laugh at to this day 9 months later!

 As labor advanced I told Ty to start filling the pool, I knew at this point that I needed some relief after 10 hours. The midwives were also called at this point. Unfortunately the water relaxed me too much and my contractions slowed right down so I had to get out and start walking up and down the stairs to get things going again. I found relief in the shower instead and after a few hours I had the sensation to push. I was calm and easily going into deep relaxation through my hypnobirthing techniques with the sensation and knowing I would be birthing soon. I did get a little scared at this point and luckily the girls and Ty were calmly pouring water on my back and I was listening to my birth affirmations and Ty was whispering them into my ear.  I then had a very big surge which caused me to vomit, which caught me off guard and I came out of my calm birthing state and got a little scared. This caused my cervix to close up and contractions stopped which deflated me quite considerably.

Labour intensified for me after this and I was starting to tire so I was drinking peppermint tea and snacking on biscuits as much as possible. The midwives decided to try and break my waters through some stretching positions when I was having a strong surge which worked very quickly and labor sped up again.

I had now been in labor for 18 hours and trying to bear down for about 4 hours and so I was tiring and getting frustrated. After the midwives checked, Blayke, being a big baby was facing the wrong way and was struggling to get around the s bend. This was causing the slow down and even though her heart beat was calm and the same as when they first arrived, mums heart beat and energy was starting to change!

So I made the decision that to go to hospital was the next best move for us as I wanted to have a calm and stress free birth and didn’t want to cause any anxiety for me or Blayke. The midwives agreed if that was what I wanted they would support and decided to come with me so that the whole team could still be together for the end of the journey.

The car journey was the hardest part – it was a 15 minute drive and we hit every red light. I was having to bear down in the car and I just couldn’t get her out!! Moran was in the back with me reassuring me and calming me telling me my baby would be in my arms very soon.

And true to that after arriving in the hospital, 20 mins later via a forceps delivery, still natural with no pain relief, I met our baby girl who was a complete surprise as we hadn’t found out the sex and I was adamant we were having a boy!

This was the most empowering experience of my life and has strengthened my belief in natural birth and the power of the mind and body. I had no intervention, one vaginal examination and nobody told me what to do apart from at the end in hospital just telling me to bear down one more time. My birth team made the journey what it was – they all had absolute belief that this birth would be enjoyable and I would have the outcome that I wanted – a calm baby at the end of a labor, which I did – she didn’t even cry! I didn’t feel disappointed that I hadn’t been able to deliver at home in the pool – I knew in my gut that I needed some assistance and that was OK and I was right in that sense as Blayke had a big head circumference and was a big baby and I was running out of steam to help her out. The hospital staff at king Eddy’s were so supportive and allowed me to continue with my birth plan as Moran pointed out what I wanted. Ultimately, all you want is a healthy happy content baby and a mum that is healthy and able to hold her babe the moment they arrive in the world and that’s what I got J


© Diana Fischer 2017