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Diana Fischer DipHypDipCP

Registered Hypnobirthing Practitioner

and HypnoBirthing mum of three

"I have been working as an integrative counsellor and hypnotherapist in the UK since 2005 before moving to Perth in early 2010.  I have recently had my 3rd baby which was an incredible experience.  Since my late teens I had an ongoing interest in natural therapy and the mind-body connection.  I began studying holistic therapies including massage and reflexology.  Several years later , I developed my training into counselling and hypnotherapy.  

I had been running my own hypnotherapy practice for 5 years in the UK seeing clients for a range of issues, including anxiety, self esteem, fears and phobia related neurosis when a good friend of mine became pregnant.  She, like a lot of women, was absolutely terrified of giving birth after all the horror stories that she had encountered from well meaning friends and family.  I wanted to help and started researching ‘positive birth stories’ on the internet.  I myself was very surprised at what I was finding.. literally hundreds of reported stories of calm and natural births without pain or distress and most being linked back to ‘Hypnobirthing’ 

After visiting the official Hypnobirthing website, I went on to train as a practitioner in 2008.  Since then I have specialized my practice to seeing clients for all aspects of pregnancy, birth and even hypnosis for Fertility.  I am constantly being amazed by the results of Hypnobirthing practice and strongly believe that every woman wanting to have children should have access to the knowledge that the course provides.  I also had my own wonderful hypnobirths of my sons Jack in June 2011 which has further strengthened my belief in the gentle birth process.  (see birth testimonials for the full birth stories.) Followed by the amazing hypnobirth of my 2nd son, Ben in 2013 and Josh in 2017.

Testimonial for Diana

Hypnobirthing Perth offers a relaxed, comfortable environment in which to explore all the techniques Hypnobirthing has to offer. Diana Fischer is a warm and welcoming instructor who ensures a safe space where you can let go of your fears and learn everything you need to trust in your body for a calm, gentle birth.


Hypnobirthing is not something Diana merely teaches; it’s a philosophy that she believes in completely, and her passion is evident.


As a birth doula, I can see the massive benefits for couples who choose the Hypnobirthing method as part of their birth preparation. I have no hesitation in recommending Diana’s classes to my clients.


Every woman deserves a positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing Perth can provide you with the tools to achieve one!”


                               -Anna Duval  (Motherwise Studios Birth & Postnatal Doula Support)

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